What’s in Your Hemp?


Do you know where your Hemp comes from?  Hemp will cleanse soil that has been exposed to toxins. Through phytoremediation the powerful plant pulls toxins up through its roots where it stores or transforms the pollutants.

Most famously known for cleaning radioactive materials from the soil around the infamous nuclear reactor, Chernobyl, clearly the Hemp plant can clean up even the hottest (radioactive) mess.

This is a key reason that hemp is amazing and inspiring, but it’s an even bigger reason that anyone consuming hemp products should ask: Where does my hemp come from? You need to know that your hemp is grown in clean, tested and cared-for soil. Just like ours. We know where our hemp comes from because we grow it ourselves and oversee its production every step of the way. “From seed to shelf” CV Sciences puts the best seeds in the ground to produce the best product for the best stores like All About T’s. Try our Plus CBD Oil.


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